Monday, July 11, 2011

My New Printmaking Studio

With the help of some friend's heavy lifting and my dad's carpentry skills, my new garage studio is complete. I have a 2 car garage and am using one half for the press and work space.

My dad built the work area and I covered it with glass, which you need for mixing and cleaning up ink. He also built the shelf above for storing all the ink supplies and brayers. I bought the custom made press and flat files from a fellow printmaker. I also found a vintage kitchen table and a mid century modern bar stool at the Salvation Army.

Overall I'm so excited to finally have my own space to create prints. I've run into a couple issues with having a garage studio. The first is rust. I left the press for about 3 weeks and uncovered it to find it completely coated with rust. After cleaning it all off, I coated it with lubricant and am awaiting a product recommended to me by a printing press manufacturer called Weatherpruf that supposedly keeps machines rustproof for up to a year. The other issue is emptying my huge water tray with no sink. I had to drag my whole table out to the driveway to dump the water. I'm still working on a fix for that. Either a hose to siphon it or a pump of some sort.