Friday, August 10, 2007

Taj Mahal - Collagraph

"Taj Mahal"
I've always loved the Taj Mahal so I decided to make a collagraph of it.
This was the most time consuming one yet. Cutting the small details was slow going but worth it.

Animal Series

"Deer in Flight"
This has been my favorite print so far. I used a combination of real plants and paper to create it. I hand drew the deer design. I created many different versions of it. Some have typography or sheet music overlaid on top. This was done using a gum arabic transfer method.

"Sitting Bear"
I added real plant life to this collagraph.
I also created this in purple and sepia.

"Robin Song"
This is a collagraph I created by first sketching a design
then cutting out the paper shapes.
I also created this in a burnt yellow color.

This is a collagraph also made with paper cut outs.

"Horse Concerto"
The horse is an etching. The sheet music was a second run done with gum arabic.

I added cedar leaves to this collagraph.
The rest is a paper design.

Turntable Collagraph

-Not for sale-

I created this turntable collagraph earlier in the year as a gift to a music lover.
To get the dark and moody look, I wiped certain areas more with a coarsely woven cloth called a tarleton.

"Detroit Techno"
This is a variation built on the first original collagraph.
This version has a the Detroit skyline and Detroit techno DJs placed on top using the gum arabic transfer method.
One print is available in a dark blue color.


"Vintage Red"
This is an abstract monotype I created last year.
I rolled red ink onto an acrylic plate. I also used pieces of lace and mesh for texture.


This is an abstract monotype I created last year.
I rolled black ink onto an acrylic plate. Then I wiped away the ink with a cloth and Q-tips.

"Animal Screen"
This was created the same day.
This time I used some old mesh material and laid it on top of my plate.

Another in the same series of monotypes...

I created this last February with doilies, feathers and heart confetti.
The plate went through the press twice, first with black ink, second with red.